21 Soothing Songs for Stress

With all of life’s typical shit happening, it yields no effort to get bogged down and stressed out. Luckily, we have music and the help of some very talented artists to bridge the gap between wanting to off yourself (or someone else) and a peace of mind. Attempting to navigate through everyday tasks involving work, school, or getting things done around the house can be draining most times. And that will probably never change. We will all experience some form of pressure in one way or another throughout our lives, whether that be eustress or the other kind of stress. The main thing that we should realize is how important it is to manage it and ensure that we are fostering healthy coping mechanisms.
So, without further ado, I’ve hand-picked 21 (twenty-one) songs and arranged them into a small playlist that I would like to share with my readers. They are not listed in any specific order because I’ve missed my calling for DJ-ing. Most of these songs are from my personal collection of music, and many of you may already know the majority of them, but they are beneficial to me, so this is my contribution to you:

21 Songs for Stress Relief

Please follow this link to access the playlist.

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