“Don’t You Remember?” – An Original Poem Inspired by Langston Hughes

In honor of the Langston Hughes seminar course that I am registered for this semester, I present: “Don’t You Remember?”. This is an original work based on true events (So please be gentle because “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit”), and this is a perfect segue into February which is not only the month that includes Valentine’s Day, but the birth month of Langston Hughes as well.


Don’t you remember?

Don’t you remember how we met?

How we waited for each other each day at the bus stop after school.

Laughing about the uncool.

Don’t you remember?

On Valentine’s Day, you asked me to be your valentine.

A big white bear followed thereafter.

I remember, that was the biggest smile I’d worn since…

Remember being dropped off at the transit after the tiring bus ride Uptown,

missing 6 buses home in exchange for Chinese food?

How we’d pretend we didn’t know bus 14 to Providence Road,

my bus home, just left the station?

Don’t you remember?

When it was time to meet the parents?

The nervousness in not knowing whether you’d be accepted?

The joy when you realized that you’d fit right in.

But don’t you remember?

The smell of your room at your dad’s wooden interior apartment.

It smelled like you, only better.

Don’t you remember?

When your dad’s dog Zoe wouldn’t leave us alone?

Not even for one minute. But I knew,

it was because he loved you as much as I did.

Don’t you remember?

When we took a trip to the beach for my 19th birthday?

And when we fought

and made up again. and again. and again.

Don’t you remember?

When the summer turned cold?

And the leaves fell?

And the love grew old?

Don’t you remember?

I do.

I remember,

It was me and you.

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